Dearly beloved brethren in  the Lord .{ Churches Of Christ World Wide}
Greetings to you and to your family with all the
saints who are there with you.
May the peace of our father who dwells in Heaven abide
with you continually. In Jesus name, Amen.
Beloved, I am counting it all joy to come your way
through this medium though we have not met nor written
to each other before. By way of introduction, I am
UCHENNA F. BEKEE, a gospel preacher with the Church of
Christ that meets at Oyigbo Express in the Rivers
State of Nigeria.
I have being into the vineyard of our Lord for well
over sixteen years now, and am married with a young
daughter  7 months old.
I became a preacher of the gospel due to the love I
have for the souls that are living in darkness and the
burning desire to be a part of the building up of the
body of Christ.I was born into a Christian family.My
late father was also a minister of the gospel before
he died in 1992 after a
protracted fight with
I have desired to continue the work which my father
left behind and also to glorify God. Many souls have
been led to be born into the family of God in our
Brother,a  few years back the Lord ministered to my
heart and opened my eyes to see the great need which
our African children have and the associated dangers
or setbacks they will face if Christian education is
neglected. I have noticed and discovered the great
damage being done to Christian homes here through
Non-Christ centered education. From a population study
which I did and from many spot experiences in Bible
classes that I have organized for our children, It was
discovered that the devil is using the public schools,
which are meant to be tuition-free, to attack the
strength of the Church.  Also the so called
private-schools, which are mostly owned  by
denominational churches, eat on the fabric of the
behavior of
our children and their faith. It became
obvious that the near absence of Church of Christ
schools in our State,  which has about 13 million
people , is contributing to the absence of leadership
in almost all the congregations here. This happens
even to an extent that we hardly recover our children
from falsehood and create separation, weakness, and
unfaithfulness in the parents and guardians.
.We have lost so many young people to drug abuse,
promiscuity, rape, indecent life styles and doctrinal
error that many are discouraged from following the
Some good families that are poor cannot afford to pay
for the education of their children and resort to
these schools that offer free education and
scholarships to them, and as a result, they fall away
from the faith. Seeing these trends disturbed my soul
and I began to think of what to do to salvage the
situation. I discovered that if we can begin to set up
schools where our children can be trained
and nurtured both academically and spiritually, we
shall save the situation to a large extent.
Hence, the coming into existence of HIDDEN TREASURE
CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL. After a discussion I had last
year with brother Glenn Boyd (Searcy Arkansas)  who
oversees the work going on at a Bible school in the
South east part of Nigeria ,God used my poor talents
to begin this all-important school, which is two
months old this week.
This school is meant to offer full curriculum
education to the children born into poor Christian
families, and to serve the entire church family and
the community as well. it is intended to also minister
to the physical and spiritual needs of these children,
and to those who are underprivileged, delinquent, and
neglected children by providing quality Christian
residential education and care. Many of these children
have been neglected, rejected, and abused.
through no
fault of their own, they suffer from the ills of
dysfunctional families, Emotionally, they are torn
apart. We want to help them become useful to
themselves, their families, and the community of
We seek to provide activities to assist the well
rounded development of each child or student, a
development similar to Jesus’ development in Luke.
2″52. Here, intellectual growth will be stimulated
through academic training, Physical growth promoted
through various physical activities, and spiritual
growth fostered through religious training and worship
periods.Students in Hidden Treasure now are encouraged
to always give their full effort in these areas.
Our moral philosophy rest on the moral principles
found in the Bible. the educational goals therefore
seek to help each student become the best he / she can
be in life.

Hidden treasure Christian High School has been
established to provide
both the atmosphere and
training most conducive for developing well educated
and faithful Christians. Hence, every member of the
administration, faculty and staff is committed to live
by and to teach the bible
Brother, presently, we have  children from Christian
homes in the school and they are learning very fast.
We have seven teachers, including four females and
three males, and a minder who takes care of the KG4-5.
The school is intended to be a purely missionary
Christian school, and that is why this long letter is
been sent to you who also know the value of education.
I know of your faithful work in the lord’s vineyard
and strongly hope that you people can help us and
as well  guide us toward congregations or individuals
who could help our great need.

Presently, we are using a leased apartment and we
many basic facilities  to  encourage learning and
development of the boy and girl child. We
outgrowing our space and need to relocate to a place
we can call our own. We need a minibus, for the
transportation of the children to and from school,
classroom books,library, science equipment, school
desks,  and a set of computers.

I have included an estimated monthly budget of the
school with our immediate needs, and pictures of the
present children and staff. I am located on the far
right of the smaller children. The faculty and staff
are Christians, working on faith that their salaries
can be raised.

An executive board of four Christian brothers is being
set up to oversee the school and its finances. More
detail can be provided upon request. We are praying
that God will bless us with sponsoring congregations
and individuals. At present our income is about
$400/month, far less than needed .Of course parents of
students will be expected to contribute what they are
able, but most are very poor. Some
of the needs are

The brethren at Storrs Road Church of Christ send
their greetings to you ,especially brothers Jim Bell
and Tom Yoakum. The church in Storrs has supported the
work here for many years, but  it is small and can
only provide a small amount.

Brethren, we will appreciate it if you can be of help
to us in this work we are doing for our God.

until I hear from you, remain blessed forever.
Yours In Him.
UChenna F. Bekee.
Brother Boyd of College street Church of Christ in
Searcy Arkansas. e-mail.
Brother Jim Bell of Storrs road Church of Christ.
e-mail;   {THE CHURCH AT



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