It was a splendid day on June 12th, 2009, when students from various schools converged at Daras Hotel. The program was a show-case for young talents. It comprised cultural dances, calisthenics, drama, debates, quiz, et al.

Schools invited for the competition are from Oyigbo Local Government Area and its environs, which are apparently, in Rivers State. Daras Hotel, located at Location road by Mbano Junction, has more interior beauty than the exterior. The hall, where the grand competition took place is separated from the hotel. Daras Hall has a tree at the center that spread its leaves and branches to shade the audience from natural elements.

The school that participated in the competition are : New Era Secondary School, Brighton International, House of wisdom, the Tomis School, Hidden Treasure Christian High School{ been the only Christian school in attendance, and of the Churches Of Christ}, glory field International School, Destiny College, Winners Academy and Better life International Schools etc.

Most Schools arrived the venue with their school buses, while others, Lie Hidden treasure Christian High School, who hasn’t School bus, came on foot to the venue of the Competition.

The competition commenced lightly with the cultural dancers who came from the Private and denominational School. The participants from various schools thrilled the audience with their glamorous colors and styles. The calisthenics dancers followed with various displays.

Most performers kept the stage busy with the lyrics from “Igwe” by Midnight Crew”. The dramatist pulled the audience with catharsis, especially a grand performance from the Tomis School, whose actors terrified the spectators with their rifles and their tragic-hero, Adof Hitlet.{rifles made of wood}

Afterwards, African Michael Jackson pulled the crowd with his dance steps, coupled with break dancers from Winners’ Academy.

The exhilarating event made the spectators experience a Spiritual atmosphere when Hidden Treasure Christian High School came up with their choral voices. Then came the cat-walking from Winner’ Academy.

The event reached its climax when the debate proceeded with Hidden Treasure Christian High School and House Of wisdom International. the topic of the Debate was, Christian education is better than Unchristian Education” hidden treasure Proposed vehemently on the topic House of Wisdom opposed On the topic too. The second group, Gloryfield International School and the Tomis School spoke on a topic tagged” GSM is better in the society” with Gloryfield opposing and the Tomis School Proposing. The third group, Bettrlife School and New Era International School, made their appearance debating on “Military rile is better than Democratic rule”

The quiz started with elementary School. They based the questions from “Animal sounds and their Habitation”. The participants were from New Era International Schools, House of wisdom, Hidden Treasure Christian High School, Gloryfield International School, Betterlife School and Brighton International School. The Secondary quiz was based on “Fractions” and “Animals and their young ones”. Participants were from, Gloryfield, Hidden Treasure, Destiny College, Betterlife, House of Wisdom and New Era.

The intensive atmosphere came low by break- dances from some of the Private Schools that attended.

Afterwards, results were announced by the Master of the Ceremony. House of wisdom took the lead in cultural dance. Gloryfiled International School was the first in Calisthenics’ dance. The Tomis School made a surprising high Score in drama presentation. Destiny College set the pace in break dance. Other schools that attended were grade according to their performance.

Hidden treasure Christian High School sent the house agog when they took first position in Primary quiz, Second Position in Secondary quiz and first Position in Secondary Debate.

The crowds were astonished to this wonderful performance from the Christian School and could not but join the School in jubilation. It was quite an honorable and praise worthy moment for the School that just began 2007 to register her presence in such an impressing state.

The festival came to a close as Destiny College graced the event with their break-dance as the spectators watched in breath taking ecstasy. The electrified atmosphere ended with a short prayer as everyone moved excitedly to their destinations.

Hidden Treasure in this competition has proved to the entire Local Government that Christian Education is the only way out for a demented society.

The following students and pupils represented the School at the competition;

Maxwell     Nwaogwugwu.

Augustine   Chukwuezi J.S.S. 3

Joseph         Uzoma        J.S.S.3

Nwaoha       Precious      J.S.S.3

Osasenaga   Onaho        J.S.S. 2

Nwaoha       Kindness    J.S.S. 2

Ann               Ogbonnaya Elementary 4

Paul              Onaho            Elementary 4

Kingsley      Ogbonnaya     J.S.S.  2

Jennifer emekuba            Elementary 4

Joseph    Ugonna      School Teacher

Joseph     Jasper      School Teacher

Written By:

Uchewuba Joseph {Teacher}



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