An Appeal For Helps to My SchooL:

An Appeal For Helps to My SchooL:

My names are Blessings Franklin Chukwuma, An Orphan with the Hidden Treasure christian High Schools in Rivers State. I am 16 yrs old, and one out of many orphans like me who by the grace of God found favor in the Ministry visions of Sir Uchenna F. Bekee who is a gospel Minister with the church of Christ in Iriebe .I am in Junior Secondary 2.

I was born into the amily of late Mr and Mrs Franlkin chukwuma who both died as a result of a motor accident in the year 2006. My parents death left me without any helper than few relations who cared to provide me with little meal daily. when I grrew to school age, I was left alone by my father’s only brother who though is also poor. while wandering the streets, begging for alms, the director of Hidden treasure christian high Schools, saw me, and asked the commercial taxi cad driver to stop. they approached me and in my haste to run, He told me tha they are Ministers of God and won’t harm me. they called me and spoke with me  about my family and why I walk about when others are in schools. I told them my stories.

This couple was touched and they pleaded with me to take them to my father’s relations which I did, and after discussing with them, they were allowed to take me into their home. I am one among the number that lives with them at Home.

People of god, I am making this appeal unbehalf of my School . We are having serious problems in the School. We have a rented facility that is more of a living house. having not being built for School purposes, the government of  this state want t close this work down. We don’t have a School Van to move from home to school and our roads are bad and busy due to traffic and pot holes. My school also needs Books for us to read, classroom blocks, Hostel buildings, and fund to help pay the teachers and care givers that work for our growth, and welfare.

The director of our School is a good man and He has being concerned about the nature of the environment and the demand of the government on our School. if our school is closed down, my self and many of the boys and girls like me, won’t have any place to get such help and christian education. it will be a serious matter that  we wll go back on the streets to start to beg and it will be a dangerous way top live our lives.

Please, If your heart is touched my the cry of needy and orphans, if your pocket is blessed by God to bless others, do try to consider being a helper to all the needs and works of My School.
the much I know is that our director with his board members, will make good use of any assistance for our growth and academic training. He has many children like me to bring in, but the environment is no longer allowing him to do so.

Please, Please, Please, Help us to survive like every other child in the world.
May the good God bless you as you find time to join Hidden Treasure Ministeries in Building a place for Orphans like me.
You can contact our director through His email or School e-mail address at:

OUr School website is:


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