The kindness and love of God our Saviour.” – Titus 3:4

The kindness and love of God our Saviour.”
– Titus 3:4

How sweet it is to behold the Saviour communing with his own beloved
people! There can be nothing more delightful than, by the Divine Spirit,
to be led into this fertile field of delight. Let the mind for an instant
consider the history of the Redeemer’s love, and a thousand enchanting
acts of affection will suggest themselves, all of which have had for their
design the weaving of the heart into Christ, and the intertwisting of the
thoughts and emotions of the renewed soul with the mind of Jesus. When we
meditate upon this amazing love, and behold the all-glorious Kinsman of
the Church endowing her with all his ancient wealth, our souls may well
faint for joy. Who is he that can endure such a weight of love? That
partial sense of it which the Holy Spirit is sometimes pleased to afford,
is more than the soul can contain; how transporting must be a complete
view of it! When the soul shall have understanding to discern all the
Saviour’s gifts, wisdom wherewith to estimate them, and time in which to
meditate upon them, such as the world to come will afford us, we shall
then commune with Jesus in a nearer manner than at present. But who can
imagine the sweetness of such fellowship? It must be one of the things
which have not entered into the heart of man, but which God hath prepared
for them that love him.
Oh, to burst open the door of our Joseph’s granaries, and see the plenty
which he hath stored up for us! This will overwhelm us with love.
By faith we see, as in a glass darkly, the reflected image of his
unbounded treasures, but when we shall actually see the heavenly things
themselves, with our own eyes, how deep will be the stream of fellowship
in which our soul shall bathe itself! Till then our loudest sonnets shall
be reserved for our loving benefactor, Jesus Christ our Lord, whose love
to us is wonderful, passing the love of women.


~ by ubcky4 on June 4, 2010.

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