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The command that Jesus left us with is clear “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature he who believes and is baptized will be saved but he who does not believe will be condemned” (Mark 16:15-16). Think of that command and ask how many will be in heaven because of me? How many will obey the gospel because I obeyed the Lord? We should seek to tell the message of the gospel to everyone we can but we can also assist others in doing that preaching. There is such a man doing the Lord’s work that we can help. Uchenna F. Bekee is the local preacher for the Iriebe Church of Christ in Obiakpo Nigeria. He also oversees the Hidden Treasures Christian School in Rivers State Oyigbo Nigeria. For several years the West Georgia congregation has supported him as part of our mission work. Here is where all of us can help. The Hidden Treasures Christian School is a light in an otherwise dark place. There Uchenna along with his wife Mrs. Pleasure Odiwanma Uchenna operate the school as a place to educate young people both academics as well as ground them in the Bible. Here because of the work these great folks are doing the great commission of our Lord is being faithfully carried out. However because of recent changes in what the Nigerian government allows for schools to operate Brother Bekee desperately needs to raise funds to construct a facility to house the school. Is it possible that 1000 Christians here in the states can contribute $10 each to help continue Christian education in Nigeria? If we really believe the great commission is ours to carry out then this is just a small way we can do it. If you feel you can contribute and be part of the power of 10 please contact the West Georgia Church of Christ by calling 770-834-3750 or write sending correspondence to 1310 North Park St, PO Box 31 Carrollton GA 30117.




Brethren and Friends in Christ,



I want to come to your hearts and minds, this day with this passionate appeal for assistance towards the Mission School that I began here in Nigeria in 2007. The government of Rivers State and, indeed, This move is going to affect our school, which is the only Christian school affiliated to the Church of Christ in Nigeria. We began this work to help save our children from religious, moral and academic decay that is predominant in this society, to train youths who would become future Leaders of the Church of Christ . At the moment, the School has operated in a rented apartment for the past three years. This facility is one of so many that is not built for the use of a School. We began this work in view that with time, we may be blessed with helpers who will encourage us to materially and financially be able to relocate the School to a permanent location. Right now, the threat to close down schools is coming hard and many schools who are here before us but have being using the same type of premises and facility we use, have began to move to their permanent locations. Others merge with other schools because the majority of them are not faith based as in the Church of Christ family. We can’t merge because that is not the idea and vision for setting up Hidden Treasure Christian Schools. In the year 2009, in the month of August, we began to make payments for a plot of land that will be good for the residential location of the Mission School and a preaching School. The cost on the land was $10,000, and we have being able to pay up to $6000. We are sure that if we can get the land paid off, it will be a good one. Right now, we have all the documents on the Land made for the vendor to assent to if her payment is completed. At the same time, we plead that you, your friends in the Lord, and brethren as a congregation , can be of help in so many ways as to give this work a lasting existence. We have also a rolling plan that will last for years in the developing of that property. It will take every phase of work to be done on the land, $10,000 to build structures fit for study, Hostel accommodations, Church and Chapel hall, Residential apartments for teachers and bible Students, A Clinic, and an orphanage. Right now, we are looking for the first $14,000 to pay off and begin work as soon as possible to save the school, and the kids the damage and difficulty of losing their school. May you have the time to read this note, and give it a consideration the Lord will create in your heart. share it with brethren, friends and all. We know that times are so hard, but may we remember the Macedonian Church in II Cor. 8.


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